Thursday, November 27, 2008

They're not talking

I woke up and found them like this. I had to move them from my shelf to the craft shelf so that I could use the stamps. They are stamps afterall. But it was strange. One moment they were friends and that lousy Snowy Snowman is whispering to Santa that I shouldn't get presents this year because I'm bad. I'm really not that bad this year. Really. I even gave up my seat to old and disabled people on public transport. Ok...I yelled at my neighbors upstairs and complained about them a lot but really, they are the ones who tried to test my sanity in the first place. I worked like there's no tomorrow and only vacationed once when I saw DH in June. So why shouldn't I get presents?! LOL Anyhoo....I woke up today to find them back to back. Well almost. Snowy is still as mad as ever. Maybe its for the better. I'm looking forward to a pressie from Santa! Must sneak him more chocolate cookies. Maybe the low fat kind.

Need the sleigh ride for a bit of spice in your life? Here.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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