Friday, November 21, 2008

On Sale!

Nope, its not black friday yet....but we got excited so we put the classic purses on sale! So perfect for stocking stuffing & you can always make it a little special by putting something nice in it! They are more than 20% off rrp (!!), so if you can't wait for black friday, grab these first! All of them are still the great quality classic florspace purses, painstakingly & lovingly made by hand! Not to worry, we have ridiculous standards of quality and anything that has the slightest chance of falling apart, it doesn't make it into the shop! So you get the good stuff, every single time! (We're just saying that coz sometimes its bit demeaning to put our lovingly handmade stuff on sale. :P)

Enough chatty, time for shoppe!

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