Tuesday, November 25, 2008

la maison de florspace

Oh so many of us have been drooling over Decole & other cute goodies, so I finally caved in and opened florspace home! Here you'll gradually find cute goodies for reasonable prices found & handpicked by me! I buy them retail and do not make huge sums of profit out of them. Like the philosophy of florspace, I prefer to honestly share the goodness with everyone! I can't sleep at night if I'd cheated someone. I suspect its gotta do with John Lennon asking Paul McCartney, "How do you sleep at night". Sigh, it goes a long way!

Anyhoo, go for goodies here!

Thanks Laura!


Laura said...

Wow! What an ace idea, Lyn. A one-stop shop for funky cuteness! Best of luck with your new venture. :o)

Cindy said...

Congrats for opening Florspace Home (^_^)

Glory said...
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Glory said...

Hi! I love your fabrics and I'm so impressed by the quality of your bags. Do you think you'll be making more wristlets soon? I'm in terrible need of one and would love to own one of yours; hope you do!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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