Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Just want to say congratulations to Barack Obama! 44th prez of the US of A ain't gonna be easy but I've always had so much faith in him since it all started. Secretly I hope he'll kick Clinton's ass and kept my faith til the end with old, white McCain(no offence!). Didn't wanna say nothing coz well, this ain't a politico-bloggy anyhoo. hehe I think he'll do a great job and change is really upon all of us (for the better!) and for once, the African-Americans finally get a chance at the big time. I'm sure his granny would've been so proud of him. I love our blacks so much, ever since Snoop Dogg. My current fav is TIP. God his rap in Last Night was the dope (Pharrell too!). Ahh, but of course I still love the number with JT.

As I quote Samantha from SATC, "The country runs better with a good-looking man in the White House." Touché, sister.

Here's to Obama, America and a new league of change and hope. Woohoo!

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