Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Updates + Pre-Black Friday Sneaks!

Thanksgiving / Turkey Day is coming! How's everyones' gonna be? There's no Thanksgiving here, but I love the tradition so I'm gonna do a little non-turkey version by ourselves here coz there's prolly no turkey til december. I can get turkey sandwiches though. Yum! Its still hot as ever here in singapore. dang, I hate the equater zone. I know I can't complain coz I've got AC and people feel awful being cold all the time in the north & south zones, especially having to take a shower! I wish I could pass on the heat to you guys! Hang in there, you guys!

Boy, I'm still sick. I have one of these every year and after the chocolates & incessant snacking during the exams, throat infection came. My throat problems are recurring, its always very dry, itchy & painful. Bouts of coughing streaks leave me gasping for breath. The people on the bus I took to get home from the concert last Thursday thought I needed the hospital. Pray it'll go away soon!

Anyhoo, down to business. We're having the Black Friday-Weekend BIG SALE! 3 whole days of shopping in case you miss Friday's! Everything's gonna be 20% off, even the new stuff, so if you've been eyeing something in our store, mark your calendars! You don't wanna miss this one! Isn't it much nicer to sit home & shop than to jostle with the crowd out there? hehe Oh well, but we know you'll need to run to the toy store to get that elusive doll for little Nancy before it gets sold out! But we got your purses stocking stuffing covered! Yaaaay!

Black Friday-Weekend Sale Conditions:
1) Reserved, preorders, customs not included in the sale
2) Sale items are not included
3) Payment is expected immediately at the time of order for international paying by paypal.
4) Payment is expected within a day for local orders, ie, payment has to be received in our bank account within a day.


youngmi said...

oh no! i hope you feel better soon. can't wait for the black friday sale! :)

Virginia Janet said...
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