Thursday, November 13, 2008

3 new ones....plenty more coming!

Woo hoo! 3 new ones just hit town! We have Only Strawberries on the top left corner, Streets of Paris in Bleu and Fruits Bunny Kawaii! Only Strawberries is also available in Carte Wallet so do scoot over and check it out! Streets of Paris have been tremendously popular and I've been hoarding the pretty blue one for ages now. Ditto for hoarding Fruits Bunny Kawaii! Yikes. In fact, Fruits Bunny have been back for a while. She was lugged back by me personally from Japan! Hiding in some dark corner, she's seeing the pretty lights of day again! Yaaay!

Truth is, I do hoard too much, but there's SO many fabulous fabrics out there and I only got 2 hands! I can't work fast enough! *sweat*

More a-comin'! yaaaay!

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