Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Snowy Village

These fancy new cuties just made it into the shoppe! Yaaay! I had scoured for cute Christmas prints for quite a while, coz well, christmas is my favourite holiday. I'd always dream about falling snow in picturesque tiny villages all covered in white with specks of light at dusk. Imagine the warmth of celebrating the holidays with loved ones at home by the fireplace in some log cabin. It seems so lovely. This print pretty much covers that! Unfortunately I'm stuck in a summer equater zone all my life, and Christmas downunder during uni days was, well, always hot. Ironic, isn't it?! So that dream of mine never really came true, which is why I had to have whatever's left of these 2 cute prints! I'd only have an FQ of each and I'm saving the rest for framing. ;+)

They come from Japan quite a few years back, so you might not see them hanging around anymore and with only 2 MiniZs of each color in the world, you're prolly going to be the envy of people! Features speckles of snow in a village of little people, churches, houses, trees & equally cute animals! Because it isn't red or green, you can carry it all year round without the christmas suspicion. How cool!

Just $7 each, right here!
Update - ONLY 1 Left! (boy they are running out fast!)
Update - Sold out! Working on 4 more! yaay!

more Christmas prints available!

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