Sunday, November 30, 2008

Singaporeans who don't care

I lost quite a bit of concentration during sewing today and had an accident involving the needle pricking my finger. My mind is somewhere else. As you all already know, florspace is having a sale. The funny thing is, we're getting a barage of orders from Singaporeans, a lot of them. I'm not surprised. My international friends, I don't even know where to begin to dissect the behavior of the average Singaporean. I love quite a number of them. People like CT (who's becomed my BFF!), who takes pain to know us and understand that our work is a labor of care and love, each one takes blood and sweat to produce, each one almost a piece of art to us. We will not be compared with mass produced items in the market. I'm mad, we're mad, because these people unabashedly pester and beg for further discounts or simply act as they wish. Discount has become a very ugly word to me over the years. I almost never utter it and never ask for it. I pay for my purchases because I deem it to be worth that much, if not, I just don't purchase and move on. Never will I bug & push for discounts and demean the item so that it will be further discounted. I respect people's work. I tell them I love them because they are sharing a item made from skills I don't have. Unfortunately, there are some who utterly refuse to care about who we are or what we do, nor even read our sale conditions. They do as they please, they come and they go. We need time to re-explain & answer questions for which they are already available. They just do not bother at all, which is really sad to us. I waste time & get distracted instead of spending valuable time thinking up better stuff for you guys. An example would be this. "Sorry" and "Thank you", has becomed an impossible word to utter to some Singaporeans.

My international friends, I love you because you appreciate us and our work. You guys make me want to do more, sleep less and pack orders at 3am. Singaporeans, you have A LOT to learn, especially humillity. Your behavior is not for my judgement, but your behavior does reflect on you directly. My other half taught me that. Its amazing how people don't even realise that here. Sometimes, I'm just plain amused at they way they stick their noses up in the air, with absolutely no care for their neighbors, at home or in public. I'm proud to say that I've never behaved in an irrespectful manner especially to sales people because I commiserate their pain. If I get annoyed in public because of the crowd, heat or incorrigibly rude people, I head home and recharge.

Still, I love peace and being nice. We try our very best never to be mean. florspace always has been about sharing quality made stuff because we're sick of mass produced crappyness, and we're sticking to that philosophy. To bring my point a little further, I'm a great fan of Vuitton & Hermes, not because its expensive, popular or celebrity-endorsed, its for their dedication to quality. If I ever had the chance, I would gladly give up my life to be a student of a Birkin maker. I have the same respect for their items as I do with my own work.

We may not be world famous, but for the handful of people that we reach, we want you to be absolutely happy. That, really is the greatest reward.

Disclaimer to Singaporeans: This is not meant to be an attack on anyone. If these all sound like crap to you, then florspace isn't for you. We won't take it to heart and we won't miss you either.

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marsha said...

hey you ... it's been too long. it's sad how ugly singaporeans can be ... and my mom and i totally stand in agreement with each other when we say this, "Sometimes, we're ashamed to be Singaporeans..." Don't you think many of 'them' have evolved into a chimera of sorts??? Eeeeeeeeewwwwwww...

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