Friday, November 14, 2008


Oh cubes! Can't say how much I love them! I love thinking about them, cutting up fabric and painstakingly making them into perfect little cuties that are fit for the real rough reality, yet maintaining its absolute cuteness! How do I do it, asks many a peeps. Well, I just do work really hard on it though its hardly work to me. ^____^ Hmmm......I prolly say this one too many times but maybe it because I think so much about purses, I hardly ever deviate from it anymore. My life is such a wonderful patchwork of ever evolving, fabulous fabrics! Its like living a dream, everyday.

Here I present a wonderful batch of cubes, (only 2 left in my shoppe as we speak!) of my current favourite fabrics, by Shinzi Katoh and the new kid, In The Woods. I love this print a lot. Somehow it reminds me of Autumn Trees that has been long gone, split & made into purses & cubes for quite a number of wonderful people across the globe. I wish her well! In The Woods is less monotonous, with bit more colors and animals illustrating this beautiful time the woodland animals are having among the pretty olive green trees. Its my new fav!

Update: In The Woods have been sold out, but we're working on more to come in!

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